Oesophageal Cancer Symposium “Doubling Oesophageal Cancer Survival by 2040 – Building a Roadmap”

Date: April 27, 2021





10.00: Welcome

10:05: Breakthrough Cancer Research, Orla Dolan, CEO “Aims and goals”

10:10: Oesophageal Cancer Fund, Noelle Ryan, CEO “Aims and goals”

10:15: Prof John Reynolds, TSJCI “Overview of where we are now – setting the scene”

10:30: Mr Sean Dorgan “Patient experience”

Chair: Dr Melissa Conroy

10:35: Prof Jacintha O’Sullivan, TSJCI “Developing new therapeutics in oesophageal cancer”

10:45: Dr Joanne Lysaght, TSJCI “The immune landscape of oesophageal cancer and response to immunotherapy”

10:55: Dr Claire Donohoe, TSJCI “Assessing immunome responses to neoadjuvant therapy in oesophageal adenocarcinoma”

11:05: Dr John Mackrill, UCC “Ca2+ Signalling in Oesophageal Cancer Cells”

11:15: Dr Sharon McKenna, UCC “Digesting the role of Autophagy in Oesophageal Cancer£

11:25: Prof Juliette Hussey, TCD “Research in Pre-habilitation and Rehabilitation for patients with Oesophageal cancer”

11:35: Dr Richard Turkington, QUB “Precision Medicine for Oesophageal Cancer and Barrett’s Oesophagus”

11:45:  Comfort Break

Chair: Dr Margaret Dunne

11:50:  Students (7x3mins):

Fiona O’Connell, TSJCI “Exploring the influence of visceral adipose immunometabolism in oesophageal cancer”

Roisin Cassidy, UCC “Can epigenetic therapy provide a much-needed therapeutic avenue in oesophageal cancer treatment?”

Fiona Crotty, TSJCI “Assessing response to neoadjuvant treatment in oesophagogastric adenocarcinoma.”

Robert Hayes, UCC “’Investigating the role of MxA in apoptosis and autophagy in oesophageal cancer’

Eimear Mylod, TSJCI “Harnessing the Power of Natural Killer Cells to Enhance Anti-tumour Immunity in Oesophageal Cancer”

Michelle Hanna, UCC “Eating Well with Swallowing Difficulties in Cancer”

Emily Smyth, UCC “Prehabilitation prior to oesophagectomy with high intensity interval training”   

12:20: Prof Helen Coleman, QUB ‘Recent Highlights from Epidemiological research on Barrett’s Oesophagus and oesophageal adenocarcinoma’

12:25:Dr Frances Drummond, Breakthrough: Summary of Survey findings – “Mapping Oesophageal Cancer research in Ireland”

12:30: Panel Discussion and agreement of action points

13:00: Close