Jada Abdel Monem Gamal 

Jada Addel Monem Gamal was awared an IRC Enterprise Partnership Scheme in conjunction with Breakthrough, 2022.  She will do a PhD in the lab of Prof Silvia Giordani in DCU to “Develop carbon based nano – platform for cancer therapy”

Cancer is one of the leading causes of human death. Despite the revolution in the last 20 years, there remains a significant proportion of patients in hard to treat cancers, such as metastatic breast, pancreatic and prostate, to whom no therapy apart from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is available. Many drugs in development show potent anti-cancer effects but don’t show any effects when administered orally or intravenously. One efficient solution is to directly deliver them towards the interesting area. Developing novel carbon nanoparticles (CNOs) as non-toxic drug carriers capable of carrying therapeutic agents is the main topic of this project.

The CNOs produced in Prof. Giordani’s lab are small enough (average diameters of 5nm) to be transported in the circulatory system with high biocompatibility and minimal systemic toxicity. Different synthetic chemical modification can be considered to introduce surface functionalities. The supramolecular functionalization with biocompatible polymers that bind specifically to receptors that are overexpressed on the cancer cell membrane is an effective strategy to develop engineered drug carriers.

This research project aims to expand the current understanding focusing on poor prognosis cancer currently incurable, like pancreatic and triple negative breast ones. The therapeutic efficacy of these “educated and directed” nanoparticles to bring the drug directly to the tumour offers the possibility of using extremely powerful antiblastic/chemotherapeutic doses at low doses avoiding heavy side effects, improving quality of life. In addition, this same approach can be replicated for other types of cancer for which there are no viable treatment options.

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Prof Silvia Giordani
Jada Addel Monem Gamal
Dublin City University
IRC Enterprise Partnership Scheme 2022 PhD Award
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