Breakthrough Cancer Research is an Irish medical cancer research charity focused on making more survivors of cancer, one research breakthrough at a time. We are dedicated to funding research into new, better, kinder and smarter treatments for people with cancer and target our investment into the most difficult to treat cancers. Pioneering cancer research has helped save countless lives, leading to over 200,000 cancer survivors in Ireland today. More research will make more survivors.

The video above features real survivors of cancer enjoying every day life – moments made possible because of cancer research. Two Breakthrough-funded researchers also feature along with actual cancer cells and patient scans. We’d like to thank everyone involved for taking part and for helping us to show the very real impact that research breakthroughs can have for people with cancer. Only research can give back the birthdays, anniversaries and moments that cancer is trying to take away.

We passionately believe that our vision for 100% survival for 100% of cancers is achievable, but only if research is adequately funded.

If you can help us make more survivors please donate above today.