Our Strategy

We exist to improve survival and we do that through research

For the past few decades, we’ve been making discoveries and driving research that has improved the lives of people with cancer. But there is still more progress needed as cancer is now the leading cause of death in Ireland for men and women.

Our strategy builds on immense success already delivered to shape a plan which will expand on our already ambitious approach, but enable greater impact for people diagnosed with low survival cancers.

It outlines our focus on leading research and innovation on this island for the benefit of low survival cancer and delivering improvements in survival for those impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

Our vision for a better future delivered through research.

Our Breakthrough Strategic Plan 2023- 2026 looks at where we have already delivered and sets out an ambitious goal to greatly expand our impact for people with cancer and builds on our recently launched research strategy.


“Survival from these cancers are so poor. We are delighted that Breakthrough are focusing even more on them”
From our patient representatives

“They have an amazing ethos and dedication to what they do and the benefits it provides to cancer patients”
From a regular supporter