On National Cancer Survivor’s Day we’re creating Ireland’s 33rd County to represent the 200,000 cancer survivors in Ireland (almost 300,000 including those in Northern Ireland!) That’s enough people to fill a whole county – and as many as Cork city, or Co. Kildare, Limerick or Meath.

We’re calling for more acknowledgement of this ever-growing population and county-level support. A ‘County’ Council for Cancer Survivors would provide a place for survivors to have their input and voice in the research and services that impact them and their families.

It will represent and celebrate a population that has survived and lived longer thanks to scientific innovation and cancer research.

It is the County That Nearly Wasn’t and could be the fastest growing county in Ireland with greater investment in R&D for cancer.

Breakthrough invests in research into cancer prevention, early diagnosis, less invasive or toxic treatments and survivorship. We want to give everyone diagnosed with cancer the opportunity to reach this county and stay there for longer, and we want to ensure all its citizens have the best quality of life possible after cancer.

We call this county Saolfada, derived from the Irish for life (saol) and long (fada).

A county of survivors – as Gaeilge, Contae na Marthanóirí.

Join Our County Council

Breakthrough Cancer Research funds research to improve cancer care and survival.  We want to make sure that we invest in research that is important for survivors, patients and their families.  So, we are asking you, for your opinion.

If you would like be represented and join our council (Patient Involvement Panel), please complete this form.

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