Walk the Camino for Breakthrough Cancer Research

Date:May 1, 2025
Location: Camino

Camino Charity Walk

As we lace up our boots for our second year embarking on the Camino, the memories of our first pilgrimage along the Camino Ingles are etched vividly in our minds. The lush green landscapes, history echoing through medieval castles, the charm of ancient villages, and the sweeping panoramic views – it was an experience like no other.

This year, our path takes us on a new adventure, as we set our sights on the Camino Finisterre. The Camino Finisterre stretches from Santiago de Compostela to Cape Finisterre. Here, where the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean meets the rugged coastline of Galicia, stands the Lighthouse of Finisterre, marking the westernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula. For centuries, Cape Finisterre has beckoned to pilgrims as the symbolic ‘End of the World’ – a place where the earth meets the sky in a breathtaking display of nature’s beauty.

Our journey isn’t just about traversing landscapes and reaching geographical milestones. It’s about walking with purpose, each step a testament to our commitment to funding vital cancer research. With every step we walk, we raise funds to support research into some of the most challenging cancers – lung, brain, ovarian, stomach, oesophageal, pancreatic, and liver cancers.

Why walk the Camino for Breakthrough Cancer Research?

Breakthrough Cancer Research, is the largest charitable funder of research into poor prognosis cancers in the country. We’re driving innovation, pushing boundaries, and giving hope where it’s needed most. With over 160 researchers across 13 institutions across the island of Ireland, we’re funding research to find new, better, kinder, smarter treatments and diagnostics for people with cancer.

And as we look ahead to our next Camino, we invite fellow adventurers to join us on this journey. Whether you walk in memory of a loved one, in support of a friend, or simply to make a difference, your presence and your contribution matter.

Details for our next Camino adventure will be announced soon.
If you are interested in joining us, please contact Eoghan
[email protected] or call 021 422 6655.