How Are Resource Use and Financial Toxicity Estimated Amongst Cancer Patients & Survivors? 

Findings from a Systematic Literature Review

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As part of the Health Economics Association of Ireland virtual seminar series,  Dr Aileen Murphy & Ms Nicole Murray, Dept of Economics, Cork University Business School will present findings from the IRC Funded project: Estimating Costs, Resource Use and Financial Toxicity Amongst Cancer Patients & Survivors  (CRUFT-CPS).

Followed by panel discussion with:

  • Dr Frances Drummond, Breakthrough Cancer Research
  • Mr Eddie Flynn, Patient Representative
  • Dr Nick Flynn, General Practitioner
  • Ms Veronica O’Leary, Founder & Director of Services of Purple House
  • Ms Heather Skinner, Patient Representative


Background: To inform service planning, in response to increasing cancer diagnoses and cancer care services, reliable information on costs, resource use and financial toxicity are needed. Owing to disconnected electronic health records and poor interoperability between health systems in Ireland, primary data collection is often necessary to inform decisions around planning and implementation of cancer care. This study, formulated with Breakthrough Cancer Research, reviews the survey instruments available to collect data on hospital costs, resource use and financial toxicity amongst cancer patients and survivors; and develops an inventory of the instruments to inform future studies and improve their quality and comparability.

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