We are thrilled & proud to be Shortlisted in two All Ireland Marketing Awards 2021 categories, the Marketing Innovation & Creativity Award & the Public Relations Campaign Award. We’re delighted to see the hard work & creativity of the wonderful team who developed & executed & truly inspiring campaign. Shout out to all involved in #TheShopThatNearlyWasnt!

Thanks to all the survivors who shared their stories and the wonderful inter-agency team who came together, to share a powerful positive message, about the power of research to make futures and #makemoresurvivors – including David Norris, Tony Ward, Emily Hourican, Grainne Walsh, Melanie Hand, Sarah McMahon, Cathy Robinson, Peter Donnelly, Nicola Pierce, Monika Crowley, Kay McKeon & Stephen Bradley.

Our Inter-Agency Team: The Brill Building, ETC – The Events, Tourism & Communications Agency, Fluent Communications and Irish Media Agency.

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