The HSE and National Cancer Control Programme have released information for Patients attending Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatment at this time. Changes have been made to cancer services to protect against the spread of coronavirus (covid-19) and hospital staff are trained and equipped to protect patients and themselves.

While treatment may have changed the services are open and you should still attend for your cancer treatment unless your hospital team contacts you. Also you should contact your hospital team if you are experiencing any side. effects of treatment or have any queries.
For more information watch this video:


  • Are you currently getting treatment for cancer? We understand that you might be worried about attending hospital. But it is very important that you continue to attend for your treatment. Our staff are trained and equipped to help prevent the spread of COVID19.
  • Are you or a loved one getting treatment for cancer during this difficult time? Hospitals have made changes to the way we deliver your treatment in the interest of patient safety. Contact your hospital team if you’re experiencing any side effects or have any queries

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