On World Ovarian Cancer Day 2021 and in the midst of a global pandemic, Ireland’s foremost Ovarian Cancer Campaigners, Researchers, and Patient Advocates are advising women across Ireland not to ignore the warning signs of Ovarian Cancer, a disease commonly known as the ‘silent killer’.

As part of the activity, on world ovarian cancer day the organizers hosted a free webinar for the public and health care professionals.

Titled: “Ovarian Cancer; PARP inhibitors and beyond” it featured talks by Dr. Dearbhaile Collins Medical Oncologist, Anne Herlihy an ovarian cancer patient followed by a Q&A. The Webinar was co-chaired by Orla Dolan and Dr. Sharon O’Toole.

While there have been many advances in the diagnosis and treatment of other cancers, ovarian cancer is just entering a new era of treatment with poly ADP ribose polymerase (PARP) inhibitors being the most promising drugs that have entered the clinic. PARP inhibitors are having a significant impact as a maintenance treatment on disease-free intervals and are more beneficial in patients with a BRCA mutation. Other patient cohorts may benefit also and identifying these will be important for research going forward.

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