Combining electrochemotherapy with a Toll Like receptor agonist for the treatment of lung cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among men and women in Ireland. The aim of successful lung cancer treatment is to totally eliminate the tumour and the risk of recurrence. Lung cancer treatment currently relies on removal of the tumour by surgery or radiotherapy, followed by chemotherapy to destroy of any remaining cancer cells which may be circulating in the body. At CancerResearch@UCC we have been examining these two aspects of treatment (removal of the tumour and the cancer cells circulating in the body) with the aim of eliminating the tumour non-invasively and recruiting an immune response against any remaining cancer cells.

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Principal Investigator:
Dr Patrick Forde
PhD Scholar:
Maura Bendix
Grant funding:
BCR charity partner in the MRCG-HRB Joint-funding scheme
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Linked Breakthrough Research Priorities: 
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