Electroporation for Skin Cancer Treatment


Dr Declan Soden and Prof Merete Haedersdal

Prof Merete Haedersdal in collaboration with Dr Soden, Mirai Medical, are working to develop a more effective method for treating skin cancers, using electroporation. The goal is to develop a simpler, more patient-orientated treatment solution that minimises the patient risk and also reduces the costs for both patient and the hospital.

This research study will investigate the use of electroporation delivered in an outpatient setting with local anesthetic and in combination with calcium will be the output of the requested funds.  They will also investigate the immune engagement resulting from electroporation and calcium treatment. This will provide insights into the mechanism and potential application of the technologies to cancers of poor prognosis. A total of 40 patients will be treated as part of the study.

The technology being evaluated will support the use of electroporation in an outpatient setting reducing the hospitalisation and time involved in normally managing the disease. This is of significant benefit to both patients and the healthcare provider.

Start year
Principal Investigators
Prof Merete Haedersdal and Dr Declan Soden
Host Institution
University of Copenhagen, Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark
Grant funding
Breakthrough Cancer Research Project Grant
Cancer Type:
Linked Breakthrough Research Priorities
2, 3, 6

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