Epigenetic modulating compounds as potential therapeutic agents for oesophageal cancer management

Roisin Cassidy


Despite recent advances in treatment strategies for oesophageal cancer, there has been no significant improvement in overall survival rate for advanced disease. Thus, new strategies are necessary to improve treatment options for patients with oesophageal cancer.

Epigenetics is a relatively new field of molecular biology. It is a complex mechanism of gene regulation, defined as the collection of heritable changes on DNA that affects the packaging of chromatin. Epigenetic changes are different from mutations that change the underlying structure of DNA and has a normal and vital process in cell differentiation and development. In general, however, cancer (including oesophageal cancer) is a disease of widespread epigenetic dysregulation that interacts extensively with underlying genetic mutations. Changes in DNA methylation patterns are known to be key drivers of oesophageal carcinogenesis.

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Dr. Órla P. Barry and Dr Sharon McKenna
Roisin Cassidy
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BCR project grant
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