Evaluation of the Therapeutic and Adverse Potential Cannabinoids in vision and Uveal Melanoma

Marzia PendinoMarzia Pendino

Marzia Pendino was awarded an Irish Research Council Enterprise Partnership Scheme (Postgraduate) grant with Breakthrough Cancer Research as the Enterprise Partner

This project investigates the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in vision and uveal melanoma (UM).  UM is a rare cancer of the eye.  In approximately 50% of cases, liver metastasizes occurs which decreases life expectancy.  Ireland has one of the highest UM incidences worldwide.

During her 4 year PhD, Marzia will analyse the expression of cannabinoid CB1 & CB2 receptors in human UM cell lines and patient/xenograft samples. She will test if cannabinoid drugs modulate cancer hallmarks (proliferation, metabolism, angiogenesis) in human primary/metastatic UM cell lines and zebrafish xenografts. Marzia will also determine if cannabinoids can restore vision in zebrafish models of blindness. This study will potentially lead to new therapies for UM.

Research Findings


Marzia presented a poster at the EACR-AACR Basic & Translation Research Conference 2024 titled, “The metastatic uveal melanoma cell line DMM2.5 displays selective sensitivity to the synthetic cannabinoid HU-210.”

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Principal investigator
Professor Breandan Kennedy
Marzia Pendino
University College Dublin
Grant Funding
Irish Research Council Enterprise Scheme with Breakthrough as Enterprise Partner
Uveal Melanoma
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