Investigating the effect of calcium electroporation on the inflammatory microenvironment and crosstalk to immune cell activation across the Barrett's-dysplasia-adenocarcinoma disease sequence


Lorraine Smith is the first PhD student to be appointed in the All-Ireland Cancer Research Network (AllCaN) Programme.  Lorraine, working in the lab of Prof Jacintha O’Sullivan in the Trinity St James Cancer Institute will investigate a new treatment called electroporation which involves applying electrical pulses to cells, making them more responsive to therapies. This treatment is already in clinical trials for numerous cancers and early results are very positive. This project will investigate the science behind the treatment: how does it affect the cells treated and can it activate the immune system.

AllCaN Project Collaborators

Scientific Collaborator(s): Dr John Mackrill, Dr Sharon McKenna.

Clinical Collaborator(s): Prof. John Reynolds, Prof. Dermot O’Toole, Dr Narayanasamy Ravi

Industry Partner(s): Mirai Medical (Dr Declan Soden)


Start Year:
End year
Principal Investigator
Prof Jacintha O'Sullivan
Lorraine Smith
Trinity St James Cancer Institute
All-Ireland Cancer Research Network (AllCaN) Programme

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