Investigating the molecular mechanisms of altered NCAPG expression in the pathogenesis of high-risk multiple myeloma

                                                                Katia Yazji

Multiple myeloma (MM) is an aggressive cancer of the bone marrow, and it affects approximately 300 people every year in Ireland. Myeloma is incurable and survival varies greatly, some patients survive more than 10 years, and some survive less than 2 years. For patients with very poor survival, we need to improve available treatments to see improved outcomes. Recently research has shown that in MM, a gene called NCAPG is increased in patients with very poor survival.

My research project aims to investigate why NCAPG is increased and how we could better treat patients with this gene abnormality. To do this, I will use models of MM in the laboratory to perform several experiments, one of which will involve testing new drugs that could work to improve survival for patients with increased NCAPG. My research will contribute to the ongoing studies at RCSI to improve outcomes for myeloma patients.



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Professor Siobhan Glavey
Katia Yazji
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Inaugural Breakthrough Summer Scholarship
Multiple myeloma
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