IMPROVER: Involving Men with PROstate cancer in Engaged Research


Prostate cancer is very common in Ireland, affecting one in six men. Dr Antoinette Perry’s research team is developing a better way to detect aggressive prostate cancer from a simple urine test (epiCaPture). Previously, they found that epiCaPture can catch nearly 90% of aggressive prostate cancers.

Now, the team want to “get outside of our lab” and engage with end-users of this potential new test, doctors and men living with prostate cancer from across different sectors of Irish society. They want to learn from end-users about their needs and opinions and feed this into epiCaPture development.

Start year:
Principal Investigator:
Dr Antoinette Perry
UCD College of Science, UCD Conway Fellow
Grant funding:
New Foundations Grant award
Linked Breakthrough Research Priorities:
5, 6

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