Scoping Research for a Digital Platform Connecting Irish Cancer Information Resources, Services and Support.

Kay McKeon

The aim of this research is to develop an eHealth digital platform of cancer resources, services and support to alleviate the information deficit experienced by patients and survivors.

There are an estimated 200,000 cancer survivors in Ireland (2020). This accounts for 1 in 25 of the population. A recent scoping review concluded that Unmet needs are common among cancer survivors, with need for information being one of these unmet needs

Kay will undertake a Masters degree in the Institute of Art, Design and Technology over a period of 18 months. She will perform a scoping research project to investigate the Information Deficit experienced by Cancer patients in Ireland and methods of information acquisition. This research will directly impact the design and development of a unique digital platform aimed at reducing this information deficit – which has the potential to significantly impact on an improved cancer experience and the outcome of those who experience cancer.

Principal Investigator
Kay McKeon
Institue of Art Design and Technology
Grant type
Breakthrough Cancer Research Project Grant
Start year
End year

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